Comic/Manga Fan Favorites: Battle Royale

November 7, 2015

It’s been a long journey with this one and I’ve finally reached the end.



I’ve been working on this mural on and off for the better part of a year and it all started with a facebook post asking for people’s favorite comic book characters. I got a lot of responses and I made a lot of pictures, but it all ended with this one – which definitely got out of hand. I really started without a plan and just kept adding… and adding… and adding…

Battle Royale Process - Looping GIF

I’m very excited about the results. I put a lot of detail into the image and to really appreciate it, I think you’ve got to zoom in and look at everything. Take a look below:

Mural detail 5
Mural detail 6
Mural detail 1
Mural detail 2
Mural detail 3
Mural detail 4

There were some bumps in the grand plan that I should have seen coming, but I’m considering it a learning experience and I’m excited to move on to the next big project. I plan on being a bit more active on this site as well, to sort of get things moving along now that it’s all set up.

If you like the above image, why not download the full-sized version here to do what you’d like with it? The actual size of it is a little under 42×18″… so you can print it or do whatever else you like. I’m thinking it would look wonderful above anyone’s bed or fireplace.


Thanks for checking this out. Hope to see you again soon… and if you like what you see, please consider making a donation (through my my company, Dropout Creations) so that I can keep on making more stuff!