WillHPacheco Online Gallery

November 7, 2010

My website has finally been updated! Link on the navigation to the right or here.

I consolidated my picture galleries, assembled a demo reel, videos, and some websites that I built all into separate categories. Will add some game work once I have more to show on my newest project and my recently revived L4D level using Hammer World Editor.

I started building a recreation of Goldeneye’s facility level last year (images below), but got distracted by Fallout 3 at Christmas time. Since then I’ve drawn up my own ideas of a custom campaign and since I know how to model my own objects now, it seems like a plausible idea so long as I have time.

Anyway, be sure to look at my website and tell your family and friends and anyone else you run into about how awesome it is. I’m going to be using it to apply to EA and a variety of other internships. Wish me luck.