Cherrydale Motors

Cherrydale Motors is a small, family-owned, automotive repair business in North Virginia. The owners require a web presence to advertise their services, general contact information, and store hours, as well as highlight their award-winning service. Because customers are often unexpectedly in need of such a business, a responsive website for those on the go was absolutely necessary. Following implementation, I have continued to perform maintenance on the site as well as occasional design updates to maintain a clean and functional website with a clear message and search engine optimizations (SEO).

Written in: HTML5, CSS, PHP, javascript, jquery

Roles: Domain Management, Design, Art, Development, Server Implementation, Maintenance, Content Management

Real News Right Now

Real News Right Now is a fully responsive satire news site, quoted by Sean Hannity and Donald Trump, and has been featured on everyone’s favorite fact checking website, Snopes. Real News’ owner contacted me to help build a website and produce art to feature on the about and home pages. Using the WordPress theme, the Voux, a number of plugins, light customizations, and Visual Composer. I produced a visual guide for the site and it’s content. Consultations and training were given on how to use WordPress features and Categories to optimize organization, SEO, and customization. Additionally, I provided Google Analytics and Adsense implementation, as well as continued support for the site.

Languages Used: HTML5, CSS, javascript

Platform: WordPress in conjunction with Visual Composer and the Voux theme

Roles: Design, Server Implementation, Illustration, Consultation, Google Analytics, Google Adsense, Google Webmaster Tools, Customizations, Maintenance

Sislers Stone

Sisler’s is a stone and landscape company located in Falls Church, VA. I maintain the site and provide content updates and functional updates as desired by marketing staff, as well as occasionally taking part in marketing efforts by providing illustrations and other special content updates. In 2013, I undertook the large effort of rewriting much the underlying code to convert the site’s existing design into a mobile-friendly website in order to cater to the site’s largest demographic: contractors who are constantly on the move.

Written in: HTML, CSS, PHP, javascript, jquery

Packages used: Nivo Slider, fancybox

Roles: Consultation, Responsive Design, Graphic Design, Development, Maintenance, Content Management, Illustration

A Pilgrim and Priest

A Pilgrim and Priest is a website built and designed for a parish priest, looking for a simple and effective way of distributing written notes and essays to lay people. Often these works are supplemental to educational talks and classes. I designed the site with this simple goal of distribution in mind by working with the content creator to create and manage categories of content, which will be continually added to over time and can be easily accessed and read online or by downloading the documents in pdf form. Due to the varying ages of those accessing the site, particular care was taken in ensuring the site worked across all browsers, including IE6-8. After several years, I continue to provide maintenance and content support.

Written in: HTML, CSS, .NET MVC3 (C#), javascript, jquery

Roles: Consultation, Design, Development, Server Implementation, Maintenance, Content Management

The Catholic Diocese of Arlington

While employed with the Catholic Diocese of Arlington as the Web Content Manager, I wore many hats and provided, among other things, content management, graphic design for both web and print projects, web development, troubleshooting and repair, and coordinating media efforts through the web. I worked on and maintained, the diocesen site along with a large number of satellite sites, of which a full list can be found below.

  • The Catholic Diocese of Arlington (Ektron maintained, some development, and content/graphic maintenance)
  • The Catholic Diocese of Arlington Intranet (Design, develop, maintenance, and content management)
  • Catholic Charities of the Diocese of Arlington (Light redesigns, development, maintenance, content management)
  • Help for Pregnant Women: (WordPress theme customization and maintainence)
  • Help After Abortion: (WordPress theme customization and maintainence)
  • The Year of Faith; a defunct satellite site for Catholic Diocese of Arlington (some development and maintenance using Concrete5)
  • Go Forth with Hearts on Fire: a defunct satellite website coinciding with the release of Bishop Loverde’s pastoral letter of the same name (designed and developed very rapidly over the course of one weekend using Concrete5)

Languages used: HTML5, PHP, CSS, .NET(C#), javascript, XML (AJAX), jquery, KML

Platforms used: Ektron CMS, WordPress, Concrete5

Roles: Consultation, Design, Development, Maintenance, Content Management/Creation, New Media Creation, Graphic and Web Design, Google Tools Management

Christendom Graduate School: Online Classroom using Moodle

Christendom Graduate School is a small, accredited, Catholic graduate college located in Arlington, VA. Due to increased online enrollment, the staff reached out to me to help provide an online classroom to replace their previous solution. After researching LMS solutions and reviewing their expected numbers, I determined the best course of action was to use Moodle in conjunction with Google Drive for video hosting. The end result has been a succesful and professional online classroom experience and saving the school an estimated $500 dollars a month in video processing and hosting fees.

Platforms: Moodle, Google Drive

Roles: Consultation, Development, Implementation, Maintenance

Old flash demos: